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Hot Stuff: Surfing Love by Carla Caruso, Maria Lewis, Alli Sinclair & Tess Woods @goddessfish

with Carla Caruso, a co-author of Hot Stuff: Surfing Love (Harper Impulse),

Welcome!! Thanks for taking some time out to chat!!  Tell us about your current release.
I’m involved in a brand spanking new ebook anthology, put out by Harper Impulse, called Hot Stuff: Surfing Love. From the title, you can probably guess what it’s about ;) As the tagline goes: “Hot sun, warm bodies, tight skin, electricity in the air...four top romance authors give you their take on summer.” My tale is Six-Star Weekend and it’s about a gal who goes to a luxury resort with one thing on her mind: bedding a man. There’s a reason she doesn’t do relationships and why she needs this holiday, which you’ll find out if you read the yarn!

Who is your favorite author?
Sophie Kinsella. Sigh. I’m a chick-lit girl at heart and she does it best – there’s a reason she’s dubbed “the (Brit) queen of romantic comedy”. I love the warmth and quirkiness of her characters and the totally amusing capers her stories are. Some of my favourite titles of hers: Remember Me?, The Undomestic Goddess, Can You Keep a Secret?, I’ve Got Your Number… I could go on! No wonder Sophie’s an international bestseller.

What was your first sale as an author?
My first sale was to Penguin’s Destiny Romance imprint with a novel called Cityglitter. It came out in 2012 and was kind of my girly answer to Twilight at the time. The story revolves around a gorgeous half-fairy gal, living it up in the big city, who does the one thing she promised herself she’d never do: fall in love with a human. It was a lot of fun to write!

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?
I have two-year-old twin boys, and my husband and I both work out of home and share the parenting…which means there’s not a lot of time at the keyboard right now! I usually write when the lads go down for their afternoon nap for a few hours. Sometimes I can stretch the time out a bit if I’m in the middle of a scene and my husband’s home. Then there are days like today, where we took them to the beach this morning (it’s very hot where I live in Australia at the moment), and they fell asleep on the ride home, then wouldn’t go back to bed at home. Hence why I’m sneaking time to write this while my hubby’s making dinner… (He’s the chef in our house, lucky me.)

Have you attended a high school reunion? What did you learn?
I actually attended a primary school one, and that was enough for me! Everyone seemed to be squashed back into whatever personality type they were meant to have at school. To quote The Breakfast Club, “a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess or a criminal”. I couldn’t remember half the faces or names. And the supposedly cool girls were really uncool with the lowliest jobs, but still thought they were something-something!

Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words. 
Fun. Nail-biting. Satisfying!

Hot Stuff: Surfing Love
by Carla Caruso, Maria Lewis, Alli Sinclair and Tess Woods

GENRE:   Contemporary Erotic Romance


Hot sun, warm bodies, tight skin, electricity on the air ... four top romance authors give you their take on summer.

From Carla Caruso - A chance meeting with a pro-surfer on an island getaway ...

From Maria Lewis - The world of women's surfing throws two recent bedmates together ...

From Alli Sinclair - A world-famous performer finds her heart and a way to fight her demons in Rio de Janeiro ...

From Tess Woods - A Cornish beach retreat proves a full reawakening ...

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Song of the Sea - Alli Sinclair

The sun cast an orange glow on the shores of Ipanema Beach as Lexi Leonard wiggled her toes in the sand. The fine granules tickled her skin, bringing back fond memories of growing up on the shores of southern Australia — before one stupid mishap changed her life.

Refusing to get sucked back into that familiar emotional abyss, she turned her attention to the notebook on her lap, brimming with pages of useless doodles and random words in swirly letters. Sadly, none of her artistic endeavours inspired the music and lyrics she so desperately needed to write before the deadline from hell knocked on her door. She finished drawing a flower, then concentrated on the surfers taking advantage of the swell. For ten years she’d avoided setting foot in the ocean, content to stay on the shore. Although, she had hoped Rio de Janeiro’s inviting waters would lure her in so she could fight the demons from the past, but so far, no luck.

A sharp pain shot through her lower back, a constant reminder of the accident.


She turned to find her best friend, Kat Kennedy, weaving between boards planted in the sand. Her long blonde hair and short blue sundress swayed in the breeze as scores of men playing volleyball stopped to ogle her curves. As always, Kat was oblivious.

Kat sidled up and gave Lexi a hard nudge. ‘Finished that TV jingle yet?’

‘Very funny.’ Lexi laughed, not minding her friend’s teasing. Especially since Lexi’s last album had collected three Grammys.

‘Seriously, though, any luck?’

Lexi shook her head. ‘I’m still stuck.’

‘This block is in your mind, chickadee.’ Kat tapped Lexi’s forehead. ‘The studio’s not going to change dates again. You can do it. I have faith.’

‘I’m glad someone does.’ Lexi tried not to think about the sixty-three and a half days she had left to write a bunch of kick-arse songs. She didn’t want to let down her huge fan base, who were relying on her to come up with something brilliant. Nope. No pressure at all. ‘I thought a vacation in the sun would help, but I’ve come up with nada.’

‘How can you not be inspired? Look at this place!’ Kat pointed to a group of surfers in their mid-twenties exiting the ocean, their well-defined muscles highlighted by the setting sun. Kat sighed.

A tall surfer with dark hair and shimmering olive skin winked at Lexi and she quickly looked away, still not used to the attention her red hair and blue eyes had received since landing in Brazil.

‘Guess we could be in worse places.’ Lexi’s lips kicked up at the corners.


‘I only wish my bloody muse had come with us.’

‘There’s no such thing as a bloody muse. Just get off your butt and do the work.’ Kat gave her a friendly shove.

‘Maybe I could conjure up my muse.’ Lexi grinned, then closed her eyes. In a dramatic fashion, she shouted, ‘Oh come, ye muse, and let thy powers bestow upon me a worldwide hit — or at least a top ten. Strike me with your brilliance, oh wise one.’ Lexi flung her arms out and spun in a circle, carried away with the ridiculousness of it all. Her hand hit something hard, and a milli-second later the sound of crashing filled her ears. She stared at the pile of boards that had fallen like dominoes. ‘Oh shit.’

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Carla Caruso is a freelance journalist and former gossip columnist. Her books include the Astonvale rom-com mystery series, STARCROSSED, and UNLUCKY FOR SOME

Maria Lewis is a Sydney-based author, journalist and pop culture commentator. Her novel WHO'S AFRAID will be released in 2016.

Alli Sinclair’s debut novel, LUNA TANGO, was voted 2014 Book of the Year for the AusRom Today Readers Choice Awards and 2014 Favourite New Author by the Australian Romance Readers Association.

Tess Woods’s first novel, LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT, has received worldwide acclaim and been nominated in the Best Books category of the AusRom Today Readers Choice Awards.

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The authors will be awarding an eCopy of Hot Stuff: Surfing Love to 3 randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour, and choice of 5 digital books from the Impulse line to a randomly drawn host.