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Blood Ties a Broken Heart by Cassandra Hawke: Guest Post with Excerpt


Wise Choices of Strong Women

No one heroine can epitomize every woman, but I want my heroines to resonate with my readers. I tried to do this with Rylee in Blood Ties a Broken Heart, she is a contemporary woman with principles, integrity and a deep love for the hero, but she will walk away from the man she loves because his actions speak louder than his declarations of love. She has to make choices when she realizes his loyalty lies with another.

I love writing fiction for women. I enjoy writing erotic romance as well. Of course the pivot of my stories is always the heroine. I think nearly all my stories are ultimately their stories, although I let the boys have a word or two from time to time.

I want my heroine to fall in love with my hero – not because he is handsome, rich, smart or funny, but because he is right for her. He doesn’t have to be perfect, just perfect for her.

It is important for her to make a choice because she wants to be with him, because he adds richness, depth and love to her world, not because she is afraid to be alone. It is not so bad to be single – to be alone does not mean lonely. One can be very lonely in a relationship with the wrong person.

A time of singledom can be rewarding, a finding of one’s self, of personal growth – physically, emotionally, spiritually or intellectually and a broadening of horizons.

I like my heroines to be feminine, compassionate, smart and funny go get ‘em types. I like them to grow through their participation in my story. To deal with a past that haunts them, or face up to the need to change, but never let go of their principles, their honesty, integrity, and belief in themselves. I don’t think I could ever write a heroine who abandoned her values to be with a man of doubtful character, for then it wouldn’t be true love, but something less.

When Ashford St. Clair takes the rap for his sister’s horse doping, he loses his true love, Rylee O’Shaunessy. Is it too late for love when he finally admits his mistake?
When Rylee returns to Adelaide to take over her godmother’s stables, seeing Ashford St. Clair brings back memories of past events—when he sacrificed a promising equestrian career and alienated Rylee in the process.
Ash is determined to win Rylee back and they reach an uneasy compromise when their passion for each other is reignited. But the deeds of the past still haunt the present, threatening their relationship. An old enemy returns to cause trouble for Rylee—Ash’s sister, Arden—the one who brought about Ash’s downfall in the first place. She makes it clear that there’s no room for Rylee in Ash’s life and she’ll do anything she can to make sure that the lovers remain apart.
Will Rylee come to terms with the mistakes she and Ash made in the past and learn to love and trust each other again?
Reader Advisory: This book contains references to past violence for one of the main characters.

He clung to her. “I don’t want to go. I want to love you. Don’t send me away, just because of Arden.”
“This is not about Arden. It’s about you. You stand there and practically call me a liar and in the same breath, you profess to love me, plead to fuck me.”
“You have doubts about my love?”
She nodded. “I’m sorry every time you take your sister’s side and refuse to accept her innate badness—even tonight with the evidence right here.” Rylee flashed her injured shoulder at him. “You don’t believe that Arden was here. I can’t live with that, Ash. The man I choose to share my life with has to give me not only his love, but also his loyalty, his trust and his integrity. Without it there is no value in the love given. You wouldn’t give me that ten years ago and you won’t give it to me now.”
“It was one mistake,” he groaned. “I have always been there for her, protecting her from our stepmother, protecting her from herself. She’s not strong like you.”
“Oh bullshit. She’s taking you for a ride and you’re letting her by believing her lies.”
“But I put Arden on the plane myself. I don’t understand how she could possibly be here and yet…” His words faded and his frown deepened.
“Well, who do you think whipped me? Do you think I did it to myself?” Rylee yelled.
“I am not saying I don’t believe you, but… Oh shit, this is such a mess…” he cried.
“Just go, before you dig yourself into an even deeper hole,” Rylee urged.
“Can I see you again?” he asked.
“I don’t think that would be wise, considering. Go home to Arden and Lillian. Forget me. It’s never going to work,” she replied.

Cassandra was a closet writer for several years before she got brave enough to share her work with anyone until she joined Eyre Writers Inc, a creative writing group in the seaside town of Port Lincoln and really began to improve.
Her first book was a 100,000 words family saga novel, but after a workshop on 'How to write a Mills and Boon', she embarked on a new direction—writing the romance novel.
After being made redundant from the job she loved in 2011 she became a carer for her frail, vision-impaired mother and turned to fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer.
When Cassandra's not writing she enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her mother, and her three wonderful adult children and two adorable grandchildren.
She also enjoys egg decorating and carving, reading of course, painting and cooking.

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