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Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine – Christmas in Legionnaire (Part 6) by Desiree Broussard

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Genres: Vampire Romance, Erotic Romance


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Taken: The Vampire's Concubine - Part Six

Christmas on Legionnaire

A vampire romance bestselling paranormal romance series!  

Keely has found happiness as mate to the most powerful alpha vampire on Legionnaire... or so she thinks. When the latest shipment of concubines are unloaded, though, her entire world is shattered as someone unexpected is revealed. Will the magic of Christmas be enough to heal her broken heart? 

This series is best read in order. See parts one through five exclusively on Amazon Kindle!


A hand slid along his upper shoulder, as a woman moved to stand in front of him. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a bun, her attractive dark eyes simmering with arousal in the flashing lights. She was beautiful, and she was a vampire. And from the fresh bite marks on her neck, she was exactly what Zander was looking for.

“I haven't seen you around here before,” she murmured, in a sexy, throaty voice.

“That's because I haven't been here before,” he retorted, his muscles tensing as her hand followed a slow path from his shoulder to his abdomen. With her eyes locked to his, she dropped her hand down to the bulge of his crotch as she squeezed.

“Mmm, nice, “ she breathed out, caressing him boldly. She wiggled her way in between his legs to whisper in his ear, “I'm interested. Let's go in the back.”

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About the Author:

I've always had a fascination with vampires. My ideal man evolved from tall, dark, and sexy to tall, dark, and sexy with fangs. And so my fantasy was born.


My first release is Taken: The Vampire's Concubine (Part One). If you like a safe and neat series, this is not for you. Taken is very dark in nature, with strong sexual themes, dangerous situations, and Gothic undertones throughout it. When you open the pages to my series, you're stepping into a world ruled by beings that survive on blood. There's nothing safe about that.


The year is 2050, and Keely has just been abducted from her home in small-town USA. Blindfolded and bound, she is taken into outer space and delivered into a world with three moons and no sun. Almost immediately, she discovers her fate. Due to a rare blood factor she's been taken and now she's expected to select a male vampire mate and breed.


The attraction between her and her guard is instantaneous, but where can it lead? Now a concubine, Keely is taken for her grooming. The market is quickly approaching, her future dark and uncertain. She's destined to be a vampire's concubine, but which one will she pick?


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