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Covert Affair by Geraldine O'Hara: Spotlight with Excerpt



Going away on a secret holiday with the love of your life should be fun…

Mandy and Leon have plans to go on a week away to Blackpool for uninterrupted time together and lots of hot sex. But before they even manage to leave, things start going wrong. A man accosts Mandy in the pub, then that same man is seen robbing a bank. It’s time to leave the city…

Getting away from crime and their secrets isn’t quite that simple, though. What should have been fun turns into a nightmare. Mandy and Leon bump into the same man again…and again. All Mandy wants to do is enjoy a game of ‘What’s her Secret?’ with Leon and have a great time in the sack, but fate is playing one of her silly games…

With tension mounting as things start going wrong, Mandy wonders whether her happily ever after will happen now. Thrown into turmoil and fear by the gang, she has to search inside herself in order to find even a nugget of the person she used to be. Who is Mandy now? And is she someone Leon wants to be with?


I propped my elbows on the bar and caught the server’s attention. I ordered my usual vodka—a double, though—and that first sip was heaven. My mouth had gone dry with lies, but now it was sufficiently wet I turned to face the group again. Leon gave me one of his secret looks—‘I need to speak to you for a minute…’—and I let out a dramatic sigh.

“Why does that always happen when I get in here?” I said. “I need the bloody loo again.” I put my glass on the bar. “Watch that for me will you, Jen?”

Without waiting for a response, I wandered through the crowd toward the toilets. I had to go past Cauli and his friends so kept my gaze ahead and my chin high. As the bodies thinned out a bit, I breathed easier and took a left down the corridor that led to the ladies. About halfway down I heard soft footfalls on the carpet and smiled. Leon had gotten away quicker than he usually did. Once at the end of the corridor I turned to face the entrance—to find Cauli right in front of me, his width filling the space along with his cheap-smelling cologne. My heart skittered a bit, but I was well used to dealing with men like him.

“Um, excuse me?” I said, sidestepping to make it clear I wanted to get away.

“Why, have you had a lapse in the arse department?” He smiled, one of those smarmy efforts that told the world he found himself most amusing.

“And you think a woman’s going to find you attractive when you say things like that?” I shook my head. “No wonder you’re single.”

“Married, actually.”

“Poor her then,” I said, glancing down at his hand to see no wedding ring or evidence that he’d ever worn one.

His expression changed from smug self-appreciation to something sinister. My stomach muscles tensed and I had the urge to shove at his chest so he went sprawling.

“You are one of those bitchy types, aren’t you.” He stepped forward.

His chest was inches from mine. One of his shoes nudged my boot. He didn’t scare me—probably because I knew Leon was on his way—but in another situation he might have. What gave him the right to do this, to follow me then menace me in a corridor? Anger ignited, and I lifted my knee, connecting it with his groin. He crumpled a bit but not as much as I’d hoped. Moving closer, controlling his grimace, he pressed me against the wall. I did what I’d wanted to earlier and pushed at his chest, but he wasn’t going anywhere. All muscle, he stood his ground.

“Married I might be,” he said, beer breath in my face, “but at least she isn’t a cow like you.”

“Which makes me wonder why you’re even bothering with me. If she’s so wonderful, why the need to pick up other women? Fuck off out of my way.” That kind of line had worked in the past—being a loud-mouthed ladette had had its advantages.

He moved—quickly—going backwards with such speed it took me by surprise. Until I saw he’d been dragged away from me by Leon then carted to the other end of the corridor. Leon said something to him, right in his ear, but I couldn’t make out what it was. Going by Cauli’s face, it wasn’t anything pleasant. A surge of pride went through me, and I wanted to whisper ‘My hero!’ and flutter my hand at my chest like some long-ago film star.

I refrained.

Instead, heart going crazy, I swallowed and watched. Leon shoved Cauli, who disappeared from view, then turned to stare at me down the corridor. I could have just run to him, thrown myself into his arms for saving me, kissed him madly then told him I was his for the taking. His masterly behavior had got me going, but having it away in The Rusty Nail wasn’t an option. Not one I’d contemplated before anyway.

There’s a first time for everything…

Leon stalked toward me, his face full of thunder, his fists bunched. I went weak at the knees and flattened my palms to the wall, my breathing unsteady. Fuck, he was gorgeous. He reached me, pushed his body into mine and gripped my wrists. Holding them up over my head and to the wall, he kissed me hard, taking away my ability to think of anything else but him. I kissed him back then reality kicked in. We were in The Rusty Nail. We could get caught. I snatched my mouth from his.

“Stop it,” I said. “We could be spotted and I—”

“I don’t care anymore.”
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