Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catch Me (Book One in the Come Closer Series) by Katherine Grant:Spotlight with Excerpt



Catch Me

by Katherine Grant




Adam. Enigmatic. Arrogant. Unwilling to take no for an answer. Everything about him threatens my carefully constructed life. Everything about him makes me want him more.


Isabelle Jennings has it good. She’s a self-proclaimed guys’ girl (football, beers, and kicking back with her “bros”) who has worked hard for everything she’s got. And she’s succeeded. Only twenty-six, she already has a startup company – one that helps her atone for past sins. She has (well, had) a healthy sex life, a great apartment and an even better group of friends. No romantic entanglements. No mess. Just how she likes it.


Enter Adam Weston, a young, ambitious businessman in Chicago. Between his money, looks, and charm, he’s never had a problem with women. Until Isabelle.


Overwhelmed by her attraction to him, Isabelle does everything she can to avoid the charismatic bad boy. But Adam won’t give up that easily. He dares her to be with him, promising sex sans strings. Isabelle’s burdened with a nightmarish guilt she can’t outrun. And Adam won’t settle for less than everything. He’s breaking down her walls, one touch, one look, at a time.


** Due to language and strong sexual content, this book is recommended for readers who are 18 and older. **
Although Catch Me is the first book in a series, it is a standalone novel.



I ran for an hour, pushing myself to my limits, then further. My thighs ached. My heart hammered. Sweat dripped down my back. Each time my feet hit the pavement, pain – sharp and punishing – radiated up my shins.  

Sometimes physical pain alleviates mental anguish. The shock, when combined with an endorphin rush, can push away everything else.


As soon as I stopped running, everything – the fear, the guilt, the regret – flooded back. I sank to the asphalt, ignoring the small stones digging into my knees, doing my best just to breathe. 

You can run as far, as fast, as hard as you want. It won’t matter.

Your demons are always one step behind.




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Katherine Grant is a 28-year-old avid reader, writer and soon to be author in Southern California (who likes to talk about herself in the third person in bios because it makes her feel important). Raised in a town in Michigan so small you've never heard of it, Katie used books as a way to travel. As a child, she talked so much that her family suggested she started writing her thoughts down. And thus, a lifelong dream and career was born. She has been everything from a short-order cook to a teacher to a music journalist.  She's finally embarking on being a novelist full time, and she couldn't be more excited. 

When not hard at work, Katie enjoys hanging out with her dog, lying on the beach, promising herself she'll one day learn how to surf (although it will never happen), making her boyfriend crazy by refusing to do the dishes, and getting lost in books. Also, cookies. She really, really likes cookies.


Twitter: @comecloserbooks



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  1. Hi Again! I like the cover...a bit confusing at first and then you're like...Oh...a bed! lol. did you have any say in the cover art?

    andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

  2. Great excerpt, thank you.


  3. Hi everyone, sorry I'm here so late! It's actually only 10:45 California time, and I had to pick up my car from the shop. :)

    Thank you so much for hosting, BCD! Andrea: I came up with the cover art idea on my own, but Janiel Escueta, my fabulous cover artist, did the design.

    I wanted an unmade, abandoned bed: it's a hint about part of the story, which I don't want to give away! And I did want a sexy picture, but I wanted to do it tastefully, and the idea of having it within the block lettering appealed to me.

    For the other books in the series--there will be three more--the design will be similar in structure but different thematically.

    Off of cover art: What was your favorite book cover in the past few years? I'd love to hear!

    And Rita, thank you for liking the excerpt!

    -- Katherine

  4. That bed sure looks comfy

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  5. The cover makes you look twice, at least. Clever.