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Second Chances by Annie Edmonds: Book Blitz and Excerpt


Samantha Raine was widowed at age thirty and now two years later she wanted more out of life than what she had in New Jersey. When her two best friends Kelly and Garrett offered her a job to watch their Florida beach home for three months while they were away on vacation she knew she had to take the chance to see if the change in scenery was what she needed to start her new life.
Jake Monroe was a well-established architect and builder who lived on Siesta Key in South west Florida. He was also part owner of a private BDSM club called Desire. He knew Kelly and Garrett because they were members at Desire, he became great friends with them as he remodeled their home.  
Each day that Jake came to work the couple would bring up their friend Sammy from New Jersey and after hearing just about everything there was to hear about this single young, beautiful woman for almost two years he was ready to meet Samantha. Only Sammy didn’t know her best friends had plans for her with the most eligible bachelor in Siesta Key. And that he was a self-made millionaire.
The only fear Jake had was if Sammy was willing to leave her vanilla sex life and be able to handle the kinky sex that he was now accustomed too. Garrett assured him that Sammy was the perfect submissive only she didn’t know it yet. 
Sammy wanted to see and do everything she was tired of saying no to life. She knew that forgiving herself for letting a man take control of her life was the first step in moving forward, and she vowed to never let that happen again she was ready willing and able to go after her second chance at life and love.
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Disrespecting  the  Judge                                                      

The Judge starts’ speaking about the charges, then has Sara Marshall stand.  “I have the charges set before me of attempted kidnapping, torture, forced sex, drugging, extortion, murder for hire and stalking.  How are you pleading Miss Marshall?”  Instead of Sara just giving the judge her plea she started spewing from the mouth to everyone what she had done, including the reporters who were in the back of the court room.  She went on about how this was not her fault even though her lawyer tried to stop her she stood up and said, “Your Honor, if I tell someone that I hate a woman and that I want her tortured and kidnapped, or even if I tell him I want her dead, why should I be held responsible for what I told my friend to do?”
The judge said to her lawyer, “Control your client.”  But Sara was persistent and couldn’t keep her mouth shut she said.  “Your Honor this man Brandon Moore is out running around Sarasota.  He is using women, stealing their credit cards to buy disposable phones and equipment and stuff.  Yes stuff to pull off this torture and the kidnapping of Samantha Raine and he really is hell bent on carrying this out.  So why Your Honor should I be held responsible for his actions?”
The judge said to her, “Are you pleading guilty or not guilty Ms. Marshall?”  “I am pleading not guilty of course, the bitch in question is sitting right there in your courtroom Your Honor.  As you can see with your own eye’s I didn’t do anything to her.”  She smiled this sick twisted smile in the direction of Jake and Sammy.
The Judge was not having this in his courtroom.  “Well Ms. Marshall, you need to really think about what you have just told me.  If you think I am going to let you badger the intended victim in this case and in my court room you are sorely mistaken.  How can you not take some of the blame for telling your friend to do all these despicable things that you have just told me in my open court of law that you actually did?  My courtroom is not a made for television joke Ms. Marshall.  From what I have just heard come out of your mouth you are both the master mind and quite possibly the accomplice to these atrocities.  You need to take responsibility Ms. Marshall.”  The judge looked at her lawyer and again told him to reel his client in now.
The judge then said, “Bail has been set at one million dollars, Ms. Marshall; you are to handover your passport to the court.”  Then Sara said, “But Your Honor.”  The judge said, “Don’t push me Ms. Marshall.”  She went on to say, “But I have a trip planned Your Honor.”  “Bail is now set at two million and now you are in contempt of my courtroom!”  He hit the gavel.  “Should I keep going Ms. Marshall?”  She finally sat down.  Then she looked over at Jake and Sammy and gave Jake the finger. “Ms. Marshall, do you want me to revoke your bail so you can spend time in a jail cell thinking about what you have done and why you have done it?  You’re playing with actual lives here Ms. Marshall.  Are you done disrespecting my court?”
She looked at him in defiance and said, “Yes I am done, but I am not disrespecting your court.  I am upset with that man; Jake Monroe, because he dumped me two years ago.  I only screwed around with a few men a couple of times.  I should be married to that millionaire by now and that little bitch from New Jersey should not get my man.”  The judge was in no mood for this woman he said, “Ms. Marshall I have given you ample chances to calm down and to get yourself together, but you have no remorse for the things that you have told us you have done, nor do you have any respect for my courtroom.  Your bail is revoked, Bailiff take Ms. Marshall back to county jail.  She needs some time to realize the seriousness of her crimes.”  She was yelling, “You have no right to do this.  What kind of Judge are you anyway?”  But before she was dragged out of the courtroom, she looked over at Sammy and said, “Brandon is still out there and I hope he gets his hands on you bitch!”  She laughed as the Judge told his bailiff to get her out of here now!  He then looked over at his court clerk and asked her to set up the trial date for some time next month.  The judge looked at Sara’s lawyer and told him that; “Ms. Marshall had better be on her best behavior the next time she steps foot into my court room, or she will be gagged and put in a strait jacket.”
He then looked at Sammy and said he was sorry that she had to be abused in his courtroom; “I promise it won’t happen again Ms. Raine, court is adjourned,” and he hit his gavel.  Jake looked to the man trying to get out through the open doors as quickly as possible and saw that it was Sara’s father, a big time celebrity lawyer.  A reporter noticed him and followed him out.
Sammy looked at Jake as the courtroom emptied and said, “Please take me home.”  “Ok Angel, we have to get to the Rovers that are parked out front with the doors open waiting for us, do you think you can do this?  “Oh yes I know I can.  I can run if you want me to even in these heels.”  She smiled as he bent down and kissed her lips.  “Baby, please don’t let go of me out there ok.  Samantha I plan on never letting you go.”  And as he leaned in to kiss her lips again this time a flash went off and Jake looked over and saw a reporter with a camera.  Sammy told Jake to let him have it, she said, “I have no problem with them publishing a picture of you showing me affection in public.”  They laughed.
The courtroom was just about empty.  Jakes lawyers Andrew and his assistant Jenna were already out in the hall.  Jake smiled at Sammy and said, “Let’s go Angel.”  Wyatt was right there to escort them out and they had no trouble making it through the reporters who were busy with their news cast and surrounded by the gang of friends from Desire.  Jake knew that a few had come and showed their support, but there was many more that came to help and as they surrounded the reporters they cleared a path for Jake and Sammy.
As they rushed through the crowd Sammy heard one of the reporters say; “This is about the psychotic socialite who confessed to some horrific things in Judge Steven’s courtroom against the beautiful Jersey girl who is the millionaire’s girlfriend, News at Noon in Sarasota.”  They ran to the Range Rover where Mike had the doors open for them.  This time as they climbed inside they were laughing.  Once Mike shut the doors it was as if they had just pulled off something huge.  Their friends from Desire were now all standing in front of the white Range Rover shielding them from reporters who were just realizing they missed the happy couple exiting the courthouse. 

Meet the Author:

I found my happily ever after 28yrs ago and married him. I am also a daughter, a sister, an aunt who loves her nieces and nephews, and a friend. I have lived with chronic pain for 25yrs due to spinal cord injuries. I am a Jersey girl born and bred. if I had a choice I would live at the beach as it has always been a place that soothes my soul, and gives me so much joy. I love to write and decided it was time to get serious and now I am an Indie who has published my first Erotic Romance novel. I also love photography, gardening, collecting treasures from the sea and I am a foodie that loves to cook.

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