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Academy of Love by Kate Deveaux: Guest Post, Excerpt



Thanks so much for having me, it’s great to be a guest at Behind Closed Doors. I’m very comfortable behind closed doors, but I do love writing what goes on when the doors are wide open. Would you like a sneak peek into one of  Cassianna’s favorite things to do with Lawrence in ACADEMY OF LOVE?  

How about a scene from her tour around his impressive stables? Okay, the stables aren’t the only thing that’s impressive it seems… 

 “You like?” he whispered into her ear, the heat of his breath igniting her fire. He slowly turned her away from him, her back to him as she pushed her body towards the wooden wall and with one arm over her head to brace herself, she leaned forward, his body following her angle with his.

 “Umm,” she closed her eyes as his fingers continued to touch her through the fabric with firm pressure; as he slid further to her clit she could feel it get harder.

 “Yes, it seems you do like it,” he said, enjoying her reaction as he tucked her hair behind one ear and kissed the back of her neck, his hot lips sending thrills down her body while his hand rubbed against her pussy. The horses neighed and shuffled in their stalls in the background as he stood behind her, widening his stance and leaning his body against her.

He kept rubbing her pussy through her jodhpurs, her face now pressed against the wooden stable wall as he spread her legs wider with his, and continued pleasuring her through her clothing. She gasped as he ran his hand up her cleft and across her ass. He teased her again, knowing she liked it when he slid his fingers inside the tight fabric of her jodhpurs, searching for her tender flesh as he kissed her neck. She arched against him and he could feel his hard cock on her ass. He pressed against her and she moaned softly, and he imagined delving into her with his hard cock, right there in the stables, with the fresh smell of hay and the sunlight streaming in from the rafters.

Kate Deveaux

Contemporary and Erotic Romance Author

About Kate: Kate Deveaux is a contemporary erotic romance writer and die-hard romantic. A former wedding planner, she has always been “in love” with love! It was after reading Jane Eyre in high school, that she became hooked on the idea of writing about romance, excitement and drama. Kate has been penning stories, from the sensual to the sinfully sexy, ever since!
Born in London, England, Kate has lived in the U.K, Canada, and the U.S. She and her husband currently reside in Arizona.  When she’s not writing or reading, Kate can be found on the tennis court—yes, there’s even "love" in that game too! 

Kate is currently working on several fictional stories for release next year – each filled with sexy romance, heroines who are no shrinking violets and heroes who make your heart skip a beat. She is a member of Savvy Author, Romance Writers of America (RWA) and their erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. 



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About Academy of Love: 

Boarding School was never this much fun…. 

Love smolders and the sex is red hot when Cassianna Baxter leaves behind a glamorous teaching career in Italy to return to her old Alma Mater, Lewiston Academy for Girls as the Deputy Head Mistress. No sooner does she arrive at the Academy than she walks smack into sexy Lawrence Taylor, her first love and ex-lover. He’s been looking for her ever since he was forced to leave her and now that she is back at the Academy he knows he has to win her back. And not just in his bed.

Red Sage Publishing Official Release Date: August 1 2013



They stood ringside, the smell of hay and sawdust filling the sunlit air, watching a student being coached through a difficult dressage routine. At the far end of the ring a man called out instructions. Cassianna was glad there was such a high level rider in the ring to impress Penny and her family.

“Hello, can I help you?” A deep voice startled them from behind. Cassianna’s chest tightened and a spark shot through her heart.

Slowly, she turned toward the voice.Those sensuous green eyes, that wavy sandy blonde hair. Her heart stopped for a moment.

“Lawrence?” Cassianna squeaked, in a voice that was definitelynot her own. His eyes held hers and her body trembled.

“Cassianna?” Lawrence asked, a stunned look on his face.

Silence hung in the air.She had not seen Lawrence in almost twelve years, but there he was before her. His rugged, handsome good looks unchanged. His muscled body evident with his shirtsleeves rolled up, she could see those strong forearms and his adept hands. Oh, what he could do with those hands. She was unable to take her gaze from his. Words would not form in her mouth as she stared at him.

Lawrence stepped forward, extending his hand to Mr. Stevens. “I am pleased to meet you. I’m Lawrence Taylor,” his voice deep and confident, “chairman of the board of trustees for the academy.”

Cassianna’s jaw dropped, but she quickly closed it, struggling to regain her professionalism. She hoped she appeared cool on the outside, inside her mind was racing even faster than her pulsing heart.She tried to center her thoughts; averting her gaze from Lawrence’s. She struggled with her composure and found her voice.

“The Stevens are here for a tour of the school and were just admiring the Equestrian Center,” she said in Penny's direction. She feared that making eye contact with Lawrence would have her completely unglued. “And Penny is keen to join the riding team,” Cassianna stuttered, nodding to the young girl.

“Is that so?” Lawrence smiled encouragingly at Penny. “I’m a bit of a horse man myself.”

That’s an understatement, Cassianna thought, given the hours he’d spent coaching her years ago. And not just in the ring. Lawrence had been a talented and devoted lover, but now was not the time to think about that. She couldn’t help but notice that devastatingly charming grin that hadn’t changed, the way one corner of his mouth raised slightly higher than the other. She knew every nook and cranny of that mouth. A hot flush rushed between her thighs as her eyes lingered on him, remembering just how strong her attraction to him was all those years ago. Struggling to ignore those thoughts, she smiled at the eager young girl as Lawrence discussed the riding program in more detail with Penny and her parents.

Cassianna tried to gather her wits as she watched Lawrence, disbelieving that he was really there in the flesh. How could he be here? At Lewiston? And what is he doing being chairman of the board? That was what he said, wasn’t it? Now she couldn’t even think straight. She was trying to pull herself together, but she kept staring at his green eyes, as they flashed with animation.

There was an awkward silence as Lawrence and the Stevenses finished their discussion of the riding facilities while Cassianna just stood there lost in her thoughts.

“Well we’d best be getting back to the office,” Cassianna announced, rejoining the conversation. “Thank you, Mr. Taylor,” she said politely as her eyes met his, a bolt of intense heat rippled through her from head to toe.


Note to my readers:


There is nothing quite as exciting as a first love and nothing quite as painful as it’s ending. It’s a theme I think many readers can relate to in the heroine and the hero of this story, Cassianna and Lawrence. And the proper girl’s boarding school is something I can relate to from first hand experience. And I can assure you there is nothing prim and proper about what goes on between Lawrence and Cassianna at the Academy!

What happens when ex lovers meet years later -- will the attraction burn as hot? Or will it be scorching?


Link to Excerpt:



Their love sizzled until he broke her heart when he left her with no explanation. She abandoned her riding dreams and left the Academy with no plans to ever return. When the two lovers are reunited at the Academy, they discover their attraction is unrelenting and sex even hotter than before. Conflicted by her deep sexual desire for him burned by their painful past, Cassianna convinces herself to give into their passion. Just once. No strings attached.



Cassianna and Lawrence play with fire when they reunite and find out the sex is red hot. Careful! Don’t get burned as you turn the pages of their sexy journey.


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  1. I have yet to read the book but the title captured me. Made me want to check the book out more.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Joye, hope you enjoy the antics at this less than proper boarding school!

  3. My favorite part was "the fresh smell of hay and the sunlight streaming in from the rafters."....or maybe the part just before that? ;) Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway! I would love to read this book in hard copy (no pun intended). ~Meagan M. Greenan Liani